Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stealing From The Past

Old photos are awesome. I, personally, have a thing for pictures of train wrecks back in the days of steam-powered trains. If you search youtube hard enough you'll find a video of a series of train wreck photos set to an instrumental guitar track. It may or may not be mine. -cough-
But back to topic. Searching flickr a few days ago I came across the Powerhouse Museum photo sets. The Powerhouse Museum is an Australian museum, meaning it's not really that old and there's not that much history, speaking from an apathetic history student's point of view. They do however, have a lot of really nice black and white photos. Like the skeleton above.
All their images (so far as I can tell) have no known copyrights, which is handy, and have incredibly wonderful quality. Take the time to look through the sets, especially the thematic groupings. There be collections of photos of ships, costumes, caves, and my personal favourite, railway, among others.

But to the reason I was looking for old black and white photos to begin with. As this year's Halloween party is a split operation between my friends and I, we wanted to create a photo of us in an the style of these old photos. An imitation, one might say. It's not going to be something that everyone will notice, just a photo sitting on a shelf with three girls who look quite a bit like the people at the party.

So go check them out. Idol Worship returns tomorrow. (I've decided to space out my fan-girling with a vague attempt at normalcy).

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