Thursday, October 15, 2009

Idol Worship: Stolloween

When it comes to papier mache, Scott Stoll (AKA Stolloween), is king. Sure, there are many people who are good at it. But few are this good.

If you've got a question about papier mache, this is the place to go. Paperclay or paper strips? Flour or glue for the paste? How do you build up your armatures? How do you keep them waterproof? It's all here.

Whether you follow his projects to the letter or use his instructions for a jumping point, you know you're going to get good results as long as you get the basics right. Scott breaks each piece down to the bare bones - which, a lot of the time, is made out of old containers and cartons. But you'd never know it from looking at the finished product.

I used his pumpkin tutorial as the starting point for The Gardener's head (which is almost finished, I promise. I'll stop talking about it soon), and it worked a treat, especially considering it was a first try - I expected to have the first turn out wrong. So the next time you want to paper mache something, you know where to go.

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