Friday, October 2, 2009

Idol Worship: Dave Lowe

Dave does stuff. Lots of stuff. It's all really cool and I'd like to steal his brain.

But to put that in less creepy "I keep a lock of your hair under my pillow" terms, Dave is one talented fellow. He's a prop-maker. An illustrator. He works for Nickelodeon. Does set design. But most importantly (not really, but kid-me thinks so), Dave draws cartoons.
Darwin's theory of evolution of candy-corn, anyone? How about the Loch Ness monster in a bar? Home DIY for the serial killer? Pick up lines for brains in jars? Or my personal favourite running gag, the white-creature-in-a-snow-storm?
His blog features how-tos on many, many different haunt-related tips and tricks. Last Halloween's giant eyeball in the window is one I've been dying to replicate for awhile now.
Dave's niece Devin has cameo appearances in blog posts, and she makes me jealous that I haven't got an uncle as cool as Mr. Lowe.

Just as a side note: I feel the need to confess something. I don't actually know what candy corn tastes like. I've seen pictures. I've heard stories. But I've yet to view the rare beast in real life. Now you know. Don't judge me.

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