Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Idol Worship: Pumpkinrot

Lets face it, if there were a Halloween Homecoming dance, Pumpkinrot would probably win Homecoming King crown. Why? Well because he's freaking Pumpkinrot. I don't doubt that he'd have some stiff competition, but he'd definitely get my vote.

Why? Well for one, he runs quite the nice blog. I can't imagine the time he must spend searching the internet - and other sources - for inspiration, but he saves us that time by posting the most wonderful of it. Photos, music, ghost tales, pumpkin flavoured foods, past-Halloween nostalgia, it's all there. But that's not the main reason I adore his blog. It's his creations.

He has so many creatures in his gallery it was almost hard to choose my favourite. Almost. But this guy has always been my favourite. There's just something about it - the pose, the facial expression, the colours. It's magic.

I feel like I could go on forever about this. But I think most people know about the brilliance of Pumpkinrot already. And if you didn't before, you certainly do now. Go lose yourself in his wonderful Halloween world.

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