Thursday, October 8, 2009

Idol Worship: My Ghoul Friday

If Pumpkinrot got my vote for Halloween Homecoming King, then it's fairly safe to say I would give My Ghoul Friday my vote for queen. Hers is quite possibly the first blog/site that made me seriously consider doing something to bring the Halloween cheer to my hometown and my admiration for her is quite a bit too much for me to continue writing about why I like her - as there's a chance she'll read this and then she'll know.

So. Taking a step back from my fangirly side, I'm going to tell you why she's so neat - starting with Brains Vs. Coffee. What began as humourous posts on her twitter about the hard decision of deciding whether your morning beverage is caffeine or grey matter soon turned into quite a collection of anecdotes and arguments. And now it's a book. With it's own twitter. A book that I've been begging anyone with a credit card or paypal account to buy me. I'll get it, just you wait.

Ghoul Friday also happens to be the first site I hit up whenever I'm looking for answers on how-do-I-make-that?, what-to-do-now? and why-is-it-watching-me? She has a bunch of tips and tutorials in the Monster Workshop, with toilet paper papier mache being my technical guide for The Gardener. She has lists of great ideas for parties, saving money and prop-storage in her Party Planning Guide, and her links page is where I found out about people such as Pumpkinrot and Dave Lowe. But you must check out the blog. It's always filled with something interesting and more than once I've gotten lost in the archive, just looking through all the wonderful posts.

So go check her out. I hear she's even got a giveaway going on. But you didn't hear it from me...

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