Thursday, October 1, 2009

So I hear it's October?

The news has me bouncing up and down like a small child.
October. October. OCTOBER!
Granted I'm not really that far past small-childdom, but the excitement of it being October has further increased my childishness.

I had hoped to do a score of Halloween related posts starting the first of the month, but that was thrown by the wayside due to my running off to the seaside for a fortnight. There was no computer. I know, I was scared too.
So after coming home to see 490 unread posts in my site reader, I have decided that I'm going to feature a series of blog posts about my favourite haunters who blog. And people who don't haunt but have neat blogs. And people who dabble in a bit of everything.

Basically I'm going to go through all the blog posts I read obsessively and talk about why they're worth reading. Idol-worship at it's best. I might even make sense some of the time.

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Ghoul Friday said...

Welcome back :) I look forward to your Halloween/Haunt posting extravaganza!