Monday, October 12, 2009

Idol Worship: The Shadow Farm

Dave the Dead is the mastermind behind The Shadow Farm. His blog posts give us a chance to peer into the wonderfully dark world of his creations. And such beautiful creations they are.

Some artists' work makes you think that they've perhaps been doing this forever - that they've had hundreds, maybe thousands of years to perfect all the little details in each piece. Dave is kind of like that. The difference is that I think that Dave has given his artworks a little bit more than that. I could swear that some of them have a soul.

Meet Sid. He's my current favourite. Sid is a hearse driver. In the other photo in Sid's introductory post, you can see both the hearse and the dead (or un-dead) horse that pulls it. Dave gives each creature it's own little backstory, and this is what he has to say about Sid:
Sid is the henchman to Frau Trauermarsch and driver of her hearse. SID is a scavenger, and follows the Frau in the night and shadows, collecting young victims. While the Frau is concerned with the fragile young souls, Sid collects whatever is left.
Recently Dave announced on his twitter that he'd begun selling some miniatures in his Etsy shop. Unfortunately as I write this post Etsy is down for scheduled maintenance so I can't find all my favourites to show you. However, he did tweet a links to his two most recent items for sale: a skeleton bird and skeleton cat.
I want them both.

On a unrelated note: I've updated the blog feed to feedburner. There's a shiny new subscribe button on the sidebar for the feed-reader types.

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