Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Idol Worship: Art of Darkness

A lot of the time when webstores run blogs, they exist as nothing more than another place for them to advertise their wares. Shadow Manor's Art of Darkness blog is nothing like that.

The Shadow Manor shop was what first caught my attention. It's full of wonderfully pretty things for me to lust over and consider selling organs for (I'm looking at you, Bat Purse. Also this thing. I can't pronounce it but I know that I want it.).

And this one

However since I have only a limited number of organs and the store has many many pretty things, I think I'll be staying away from paid donor-ship for now.

The blog itself is wonderful, full of neat little dark crafty things, cool stuff from the blogosphere, a tutorial section, and my favourite, weekly link dumps. Oh the linked goodiness. So go have a look. Could you pick me up a few things from the shop while you're there?

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Cobwebs said... I'm blushing.

Thanks for the link and the kind words!