Monday, January 11, 2010

Month of Music: Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

Those following my meaningless blathering on twitter would know I saw Sherlock Holmes two days ago.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I also thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack.


 I enjoy listening to movie soundtracks while making things, or writing things, or just doing things.
Zimmer is a favourite of mine. His score for The Dark Knight was my super-special favourite, and so it makes me happy to know that according to my intensive research (wikipedia) that Ritchie used it during editing. The actual soundtrack includes the use of banjo, violin, broken piano and this thing

You can listen to samples from the album on Amazon, or you can buy it for download there for less than $8.
I, however, am going to hunt down a physical copy of it. Because I like wasting time and money and also because my internet speed is really really slow.

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