Monday, February 22, 2010

Of Questions On Clays

I appeal to those of you with experience makin' stuffs. I know you're out there.

This year for art I'm required to make at least two artworks for my final folio presentation, and I'm planning on doing some anatomy/human body type sculptures.
I'd like to make one slightly bigger than A4 sized, length and width wise, and the other I'd hope to make about the size of an actual torso. I've used basic terracotta clays before in class, and the results were pretty good, but I've no longer got access to a kiln, wherein my problem lies.

I'm looking for a relatively cheap clay (or clay-like substance) that doesn't require kiln firing, and can be painted and perhaps varnished, something to that effect. Air dry would be a bonus, as well as light-weight, but I'm willing to pass those up for a better alternative.

Your help is much appreciated and willing particpants won't have their brains stolen in the night.
Unless you're into that kind of thing.

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Ghoul Friday said...

I've just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what A4 standard size would be ;)

Not sure what you can get your hands on in Australia in regard to air dry clays we have here.

Many people are fans of Creative Paperclay. I use it for the bulk of a project but never as my finishing layer (I can't get it to behave the way I want it to). Their website has an email for people in Australia if you're interested.

As my finishing layers, I always use Delight Paperclay. It's not as sturdy as Creative Paperclay, so when I am building my miniature sculptures I have to be mindful of teeth and fingers - tiny details that stick out. I like Delight because it dries really fast, I can smooth it super thin, and I like how it takes detailing.

Those are my suggestions for the smaller sculpture.

For the LARGE torso, I think you should get your hands on Celluclay or make your own paperclay. Check out stolloween's site for his recipe.

That's the cheapest route using an airdry clay.

And you can read me babble on about the clays mentioned above here