Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wanting Things: Star Wars Geekery

First, a confession. The first Star Wars movie I saw was Episode IV. And I liked it. Still do.And yes, I have seen I through to III. Yes, they are far better than IV to VI. But Episode V and VI are still my favourites. Also I like roman numerals.
Don't look at me like that.

I still think Jar Jar was the worst thing ever to happen to the franchise. Teenage Anakin was generally whiny and annoying. I've never seen the animated series and for a few years there I really wanted a pet Tauntaun. 

But cutting to the point - ThinkGeek has a bunch of really neat Star Wars stuff. I'm sure everyone's seen the Tauntaun sleeping bag by now, thanks to the April Fools joke that became real, but there's also stuff like this:

I'll take both cookbooks, the Vader chop saber, and GG's blaster.
Although if I had to choose between the cookbooks, I'd take the one with Darth Maul on the cover, because he had a lightsaber with two ends, and the coolest music.
There, I've said it.


Ghoul Friday said...
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Ghoul Friday said...

*chuckles* Go with your gut and don't relent: just because some movies are newer, doesn't mean it's better. It might be PRETTIER, but that's it.

Episode V has always been considered by critics and hardcore fans to be the best instalment of the series, so you have good taste ;)

Jar Jar WAS the worst thing (I've seen "Episode I" once. I will never watch it again). Anakin IS the LAMEST teen Vader portrayal they could have come up with. Episode III was good, but that Frankenstein monster moment where Vader is finally transformed is TERRIBLE. Possibly the worst moment in Sci Fi movie history.

But more importantly, you need to get the cookbooks so you can give me the recipe for wookie cookies.