Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can't Wait To Be Eighteen

So that I no longer have to get an adult to buy my spray paint. Few people are willing to drop everything and go buy a half dozen cans at my say so. For now, however, my skills remain only at the 'stencil' level.

Internet tells me that this amazing piece is by Shepard Fairey aka The Guy Who Did Those Obama Posters. See also album covers for Mothership by Led Zeppelin and Zeitgeist by The Smashing Pumpkins.
via fuckyeahstreetgraffiti on tumblr


Ghoul Friday said...

I was shocked when I walked into my local craft store to find all the spray paint locked up in a cage. It wasn't like that last year. For a moment I was entertained by the idea the cans had all become feral and needed to be locked away for our safety. Then figured out it was for the safety of our buildings and fences. While questioning the woman about the change, she gave me the impression the lock up was the result of teens shoplifting it, rather than not being allowed to buy it.

We live in strange times.

thecadaver said...

I understand the shoplifting aspect of it, but if I'm allowed to buy things considered to be blades (box cutters, carving knives) off the shelf once I'm sixteen, I don't see why I can't buy paint. Chances are I'm not going to use the paint to kill somebody, but I'm free (in theory) to shop lift knives at any time.
I like the idea of them being feral though. Should make a sign warning people not to feed the spray paint.