Tuesday, August 4, 2009

October Sunsets.

I've been busy lately. Proper busy. Not just 'I couldn't really be bothered doing anything, busy' (which is my normal state) but actually doing things and leaving the house. I've been attempting to dig myself out from under a pile of essays and math tests, and if you're been following my mindless babbling on twitter lately, you'll know I've been doing front of house mixing.
For Grease. The musical.
It wasn't as bad as I thought. But that's not what this point was meant to be about.

Today I found myself with some spare time so I'm sitting here planning out positions for lights and things in the yard for Halloween, when it occurs to me that I have no idea when it'll be dark enough to turn the lights on. But the internet knows.
www.timeanddate.com has a sunrise and sunset calculator. Choose your location from the list and it'll take you to a list of times for this week. Change your 'Modifying Parameters' to October 2009 and voila, this Halloween's sunset is predicted at 7:54pm in my state. You can also check out what the moon is up to on that date, to see if you're going to get a nice big moon hanging over your head. If you want a simpler pictoral approach, www.rodurago.net has a calendar with pictures of what phase the moon will be in on each day. As you can see, I'm getting a nice, almost full moon for Halloween.

Oh and just for funsies, I checked out what's going on in December 2012. There's no "Crashing into Earth" on either the sun or moon charts. Shame.

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