Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Addiction

When I was taking photos for the That Night series I thought that I should take stock of what can be used for Halloween. It was then I realised that we have far too many park benches. This isn't even all of them. I'm not sure whether I should leave them there on the night or litter them along the path that people will have to walk up to get inside.

Hang some of the witch jars from the arm rests and it'd certainly create a nice spooky atmosphere. Because walking along a barely-lit garden path at night is such a pleasant experience normally and all.

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Ghoul Friday said...

I think having them lining the path is nice. I'd rethink hanging any breakables/candle burning lanterns on the arms. Better to use free standing stakes/posts. And you could always place a few creatures/corpses in those empty seats.