Sunday, August 16, 2009

Imitation and That Light Blub Moment

About a month ago Pumkinrot posted about his Witch Jars. Today I finally got around to making two. They're not nearly as impressive thanks largely to my incompetence in judging colours. A cool red plus black equals a deep wine colour. You'd think that seeing as colour theory is taught the first lesson of every art class I've ever taken that I would have learnt this. But apparently not. I choose to blame my being taught lighting colour theory for this mistake. The wine colour is passable for blood, but it irritates me, so I'll probably go and re-do it later on. Pictures will follow.

My friend and I were talking (post witch-jar creation) about what we were going to do about making my built-after-the-year-2000 house look like it was old enough to have a history that didn't involve a building accident. And then it dawned on us that if we just didn't turn any of the lights on, we'd be in with a fighting chance. So we're going to tape over all the light switches, cover everything with dust sheets and use only candles and torches for lighting. If it works in the movies, it'll work for us.
We hope.

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Ghoul Friday said...

White sheets thrown over furniture ads instant easy ambiance. Removing items from the walls works. Adding old picture frames work great too. And nudging frames so they hang crooked also is good (for creepiness).