Sunday, April 19, 2009

These Shoes Are Made For Ripping Apart And Then Poorly Fixing With A Glue Gun And Scrap Fabric

And that's just what they'll do! Very lame title I know, you'll have to excuse me, it's the end of the holidays, I'll start using my brain again tomorrow. Oh and I apologise for the poor quality of the next two photos, the auto focus kept getting distracted by my shiny blankets.

I love these shoes, but they keep dying on me. I don't go on long walks. I don't jump in puddles (not in these shoes, anyway). I don't kill people with them (again, not these shoes). They just wear out around the seams and the heels really fast for me. And then you can see my socks.

So I decided, hey, I've got a bunch of this red fabric and a glue gun, why not line my shoes with red fabric so it looks like my shoes are full of blood from a distance? Brilliant idea! Well it was until I managed to burn myself with the glue gun. They look pretty cool though.

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