Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping List

I left my hastily scribbled shopping list lying around the house the other day. Other people always find my lists weird, probably because without the use that links them all it just seems like a bunch of unrelated items.

Admittedly, I usually add human organs to the bottom just to freak people out, but whatever. I do actually need human organs this time. I need them half-size, and I'll probably end up making them, so it's more a reminder to get the things to make them than anything.

The reason for the rest of the items is I need them so I can finish making the invitations I'm working on. What can I say, I really like making invitations that nobody else has.

I'm never sure of when to send out invites. Personally I think three to four weeks is a good time frame, but most people I know leave it to the week before, which really bugs me. If I get these finished this weekend it should be about three and a half weeks, which appeals to my need to have everything perfect.

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