Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watching Late Night TV Is Good For You

Thanks to my sleep cycle being thrown out of wack, I've been watching quite a bit of late night TV lately. Which normally is pretty dodgy, because during the week there's just infomercials about stuff I wouldn't want to buy at any other time, but are strangely appealing after the second hour of continuous advertising.

But on Friday and Saturday nights, I am in heaven. Rage welcomes my zombie like viewing all week long by playing awesome music videos until the sun comes up. This one has to be my favourite of late. I don't remember what the song sounds like (I watch TV with the sound off, did I mention that?) but the video itself is amazing. I give you: The Science of Fear by Temper Trap.

Okay, youtube doesn't want to embed the video, so check it out here.