Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have discovered a great problem in art works with no real use, other than to be looked at.
It has no practical application in real life, AKA it does nothing but get in the way.

Control/Deliverance! (Which I still call it, in my head) has been sitting in the shed for about two weeks now, and last weekend, somebody bumped it and it very slowly fell down. And then it wouldn't go back together again quite the same. The thin metal supports I used to hold it up in the 'making of' stages are back again, making the whole thing a little lot less impressive. I'm considering buying some of those thin, clear plastic rods to support it, because I can't find the centre of balance that I had found, by dumb luck, the first time round. Chances are the plastic rods will end up costing more than the rest of the thing, but what can you do?

Also, there's the problem of finding some practical use for the thing. My dad came over today and said that he'd take it off my hands, and keep it in his empty beach house, if we could find a way to transport it. Which would most likely mean dissembling it and trying to build it again. But he did mention an idea for a proper use for it. Because the main torso is hollow, he suggested making it into a lamp. Ideas abound.

Would require finding a very low watt light, so that it doesn't burn through the plastic, and probably creating some sort of wire cage inside the torso, so that it's strong enough to support it, which would mean cutting it open, but I would have to do that in the long run anyway...

Oh the ideas!

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Ghoul Friday said...

Exciting. LED lights would work well. Be sure to post updates.