Saturday, March 14, 2009


92 x 95 x 159.5 cm
Newspaper, wire, packing tape, Styrofoam.

If I ever attempt something like this again, please somebody shoot me. Originally I thought I'd have 5 weeks to complete this. I didn't. I had 2 weeks, but I probably spent about a week and a day actually working on it.
Then I died.

But anyway, now I've got all these empty tape rolls left over. 8 or 9 of them I think. So I'm gunna take a leaf out of Dave Lowe's book/blog and make me some shackles. After I take a really long nap.

Now playing: Operator Please - Terminal Disease


Ghoul Friday said...

It's such a great piece. Lots of movement. Of course, I tend to think the torso is singing or telling a grandiose speech instead of surging upward as it may have been intended, but that just makes it more interesting for me.

Dave the Dead said...

Wow, I like this. What an evocative image.