Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a Beautiful Night for the End of the World

So. Long time, no blog. I had a few things come up. I've decided I'm going to show you my excuses, in sort of an illustrated version of "I was too lazy."

1. Not terribly exciting, but I went back to daily routines.
2. Starting learning something new. I forgot to take my camera with me, which is pretty rare, as I'm normally attached to it, so this isn't the mixing console I get to learn to use. Ours is pretty much the same though. A little smaller, because we don't have as many inputs/outputs, and instead of having a nice big view of the stage, we're in a tiny little room about 2x2 metres, with a little window for us to see. Oh, and we're much, much higher up.

3. My mother had another exhibition opening. I also made her business card. Which I don't have photos of, but probably will soon because I've got about twenty sitting around in my bag.

4. Victoria suffered the worst bush fires in history. I was out of town for the two days preceding the fires, and then couldn't return home because the road home was blocked off due to the town it passes through being on fire. It's been a pretty horrible few days, and my friends who happened to be 2 kilometres from the fire all told me that it seemed kinda like the apocalypse.
I don't blame them. These photos were taken from the backyard of my house.

Now, I wasn't home when these photos were taken so I can't all I know is what you see here, but the only editing done was to minimise the image size. The time-stamp on the camera says they were all taken between 5pm and 5:15pm. The sun normal sets this time of year at 8pm. Pretty amazing, in one of those "I shouldn't be finding this pretty because almost 200 people are dead" ways.

So. I'm back.

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