Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dances With Jedi

Last night I was watching TV, as I am prone to do, what with me owning a TV and having no life and all.
The second series of So You Think You Can Dance started awhile ago (I assume, I haven't been paying much attention, as nobody dies in it), and they showed one of those "Vote for your favourites! Now let's have a quick re-cap of last night! Look at all the shiny things and don't forget to vote!!!" ads.
Which I don't really mind because I quite enjoy watching false enthusiasm by somebody who hasn't quite mastered an auto-cue. It makes me feel superior.

Anyway, I was watching the ad when I saw this:

Which really isn't such a great photo, but basically, I bolted upright from my usual slumped-across-the-whole-couch position, because I thought he was meant to be a Jedi.
Apparently not. A little searching took me to the official website, wherein it says that:
" they played Hip Hop vampires to BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies” "
Talk about disappointing. Plus, hip hop vampires are so 2008.

However, shortly after, I found this, which was probably on just after the Jedi on the ad, while I was in a Star Wars inspired coma.

We're talking about the couple in white. Look familiar?
"They were to dance a Jazz routine by Project Moda that was inspired by the controversial film, “Clockwork Orange” and required them to attack one another with baseball bats."

I should watch So You Think You Can Dance more often.

Watch videos of the performances and some other stuff here.
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