Monday, November 30, 2009

Wanting Things: A Month Behind

I don't have L4D2 yet. Instead I live in my imaginary land where it's being released in a month and I actively ignore people talking about it. Generally by putting my hands over my ears and humming loudly to drown out their emanating sense of satisfaction.

So understandably I come across a few issues when I find nice L4D and L4D2 merchandise online. Covering my ears does no good and covering my eyes means I can't look at the merchandise that does exist my imaginary land. Luckily, The Valve Store has done me (and others like me) a favour and separated the not-yet existent merchandise from the stuff that does exist. If you follow.

Actually I found the store while looking for a shirt for my brother (Companion Cube!), and then was oddly surprised to find L4D wares. Because I'm not greatly intelligent, and because who would think that games made by the same company would share the same webstore? Really?

Anyway, there are two tees I'm quite fond of in the store. I Hate Vans and I Hate The Woods. Especially I Hate The Woods.

To anyone unfamiliar with the game, first, congrats on making it this far reading my rambling about something you have no idea about. Francis, an ex-con with an attitude, has a great deal of voice clips devoted to things he hates. There's a video on youtube of a song made from his hates. I like Francis because in the same position, I'd probably be acting the same way, with a touch of Zoey's "this only happens in the movies" attitude, and then a heaping pile of Church Guy's paranoid turning on everyone. Because I'm helpful like that.

And to those who don't understand those references: I'd be the "Game over, man! Game over!" guy from Aliens.

Helpful in a crisis.

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