Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wanting Things: The Dark Defender

'Tis the season.
For material gratification.

You know, Christmas. I've been doing my rounds of webstores looking for interesting gifts for people. Mostly I just end up bookmarking things I'd like to buy for myself. Such as this Dark Defender t-shirt. If you haven't heard of the Dark Defender, don't worry. It's one of those fake pop-culture inside television/movie references. In the second series of Dexter, the case of the Bay Harbour Butcher is turned into a comic book by a man who, if my memory serves me correctly, gets his head bludgeoned in with a snow-globe figurine of Aquaman (I think) because of an internet flame war. I even found a screen cap showing both the poster and the snow-globe (it's next to the yellow D card).

I wasn't aware that Showtime had a webstore until tonight. But sure enough, they do. There's actually some pretty neat stuff there. Along with some massively overpriced, barely-related-to-their-programming stuff. Worth a look though. Especially if you plan on buying a certain person a certain t-shirt...

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