Friday, January 2, 2009

Palm Sugar

Spent NYE at the beach. Very good. Also very full of drunken idiots who like to stand in the middle of busy roads, and block the doorway to the pizza place. And the supermarket. And the video rental. And basically ever other place one goes to while in a beach town. But lucky for me the owner of the pizzeria recognises me as a local (he's kinda right), and serves me first. Suck on that one tourist folk.

Somehow after one of the many walks to the beach, only to turn around and come back, we decided to paint a wall in the house. Progress! At last! After much deliberation, and making toast, we decided on a colour called Palm Sugar. Which reminded me of the song Brown Sugar, which seemed to be a good omen. Palm Sugar is a pale brown-beige colour, which is kinda boring, but somehow our painting the one wall managed to make the "colour scheme" of the rest of the house (read: beige and Mission Brown) seem relaxed, yet modern. I'd still very much like to paint over that Mission Brown though.

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