Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Logic by Operator Please

Australians will know of Operator Please, even if just for their irritating single 'Just A Song About Ping Pong', and England/Europe might know them for the infinitely better 'Get What You Want', but I think most of you will have no idea who they are.
The band members are only a few years older than I am, which always tends to make you wonder why you haven't played Leeds and Reading Festival yet, if they have.
Anyway, this is the first single from their second album, and pretty awesome. The projection effects look like something that'd be interesting to try out as well. 

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Ghoul Friday said...

I came across this band a while ago, and their music is next to impossible for me to access in Canada. They certainly don't get local play, and I keep waiting for them to break into the North American scene, even if it's just the underground/local indie folks. I actually first heard them on a University radio station.